Sad Alice Said (ex-Alice In Wonderland) (2009-2011)

11 June, 2013 - 17:30
Sad Alice Said (ex-Alice In Wonderland) (2009-2011)

Group Sad Alice Said (ex-Alice in Wonderland) was created in 2005 by Alisa Shakor (vocals, guitar) and Julia Leverra (drums). Initially, the composition was exclusively female. But this trend has disappeared with the arrival of a group of Pavel Lihotvor (guitarist and composer), place a little later bass guitarist took his brother, Sergei, and much later joined the group Julia Balan (keyboards). After that, the group came violist Anna Polozova.

In the spring of 2009, I joined the group. Play the music for me was something new, style, gothic-metal. After a few play a concert to the composition of the group joined a second guitarist, Sergey Matuschenko. I was very lucky with the groups in the number of participants who had at least 6 people :) I'm Out of the group in the summer of 2011, I left the band on their own. Later, the group left Anna Polozova and Sergei Matuschenko.

With the group I recorded the single "Open Your Eyes" in 2010, and made a music video in 2011 for the same song. Later that year I recorded drum parts for EP "Clock of Eternity"



movement in the group was

movement in the group was active! against this background, the single "Open Your Eyes" was a good song

i love that video!!! and that

i love that video!!! and that song.... ;)

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