Touring from 23.06 till 30.06

2 July, 2013 - 15:30
Touring from 23.06 till 30.06

Very successful, but were not easy these days :) In honor of the Days of Ukrainian Culture in Tajikistan from 23.06 till 27.06, I'm with the band "Drevlyane" had the honor to represent our country and show our culture in the city of Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

We flew from Borispol, with a transfer in Istanbul, Turkey, where I had to wait 8 hours. Sure, all this time we are actively visiting the Duty Free and whiskey 'Jack Daniels' was to help us :)

After a 4-hour flight from Istanbul to Dushanbe, I felt that this 50 degrees above zero. Air conditioners are very rescued, as the heat was incredible. We settled into the hotel Dushanbe Regency Hyatt. The rooms were amazing, very comfortable, though for some reason the Internet has constant problem, but it is not particularly affected, as in hotel we were only in the morning and late at night.

Each day of press conferences, trips in their sights: Nurekskaya plant, which supplies 80% elektricity the country, the river with purified water, which you can drink, visited the library of "Friendship of Peoples", is also the largest National Museum of Tajikistan, and the trip to Varzob Gorge, where the same was lunch :) It's very impressed me, I did not expect them to such a great reception.

We had 3 concerts, two of which are in their opera house, and one on the area of ??the flag (the height of 165 meters). Musical equipment was very good, and we played all 3 concerts with a bang! I repeat that it is very saving air conditioners, which were almost everywhere, as they are very hot.

Also flew back to Istanbul. It was so nice to be home in Kiev, at home, no matter what it is. After that, the very next day we had concerts in the open air for the holidays Youth Days. And now I need some sleep, and continue to work, work and work again :)



Great concerts are worth

Great concerts are worth watching. It is worth watching again and again. - Marla Ahlgrimm

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